North America

God calls us to make Christ known among the nations, and today, the nations are coming to us.

North America has become a top destination for immigrants from around the world, and at ABWE, we believe God is giving us an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with the world by bringing the world to us.

It’s an incredible opportunity at a time when an estimated 80 percent of North American churches plateau or decline in attendance each year as the numbers of professing Christians continues to dwindle.

God has given the ABWE North America team a vision to minister cross-culturally without crossing borders — and give every person in North America repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. To do this, we’re focusing on three main areas:

  • Church Advancement: Growing the effectiveness and capacity of churches
  • Church Mobilization: Creating a "lost-to-leading" culture for disciple-making
  • Church Multiplication: Collaborating with churches to plant churches for gospel saturation

By using our nearly 90 years of missions experience to help North American churches reproduce and make disciples among the diverse people groups right in their own backyards, we’ve seen God do amazing things, with 50 churches planted in the past 37 years.

Ministries in North America include:

  • Biblical teaching
  • Church planting
  • Cross-cultural ministries
  • Evangelism and discipleship training
  • Leadership development
  • Missions movements
  • Sports ministries
  • Student ministries
  • Team development

Explore the possibility of partnering with ABWE North America as we collaborate with local churches to transform lives, neighborhoods, and cities.

Is this the opportunity you’ve been praying for?

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