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Proclaiming Truth During Adversity

A Togolese man boldly declares his faith as he puts his dying pregnant wife in God's hands.
Resource type: Story

Equipping Papua New Guineans to Carry the Gospel

In Papua New Guinea, many people believe the spirits of their ancestors control the world and must be appeased through dark and violent rituals. But in the face of this darkness, God is calling the people of Papua New Guinea to Himself.
Resource type: Story

Bringing the Gospel to the Workplace

How one missionary is working to reach Australian professionals at their workplace.
Resource type: Story

Ebola Outbreak Update

August 6, 2014
ABWE evacuates Liberia team due to devastating Ebola outbreak
Resource type: Announcement

Bringing the Next Generation to Christ

Paardeberg Mountain Retreat provides year-round, Bible-based discipleship for more than 25 churches that serve all of South Africa’s five distinct cultural groups: African Malaysians, white English-speaking, Afrikaans (Dutch dialect), Xhosa tribal people and Indians.
Resource type: Story

Sharing God’s Love in the Middle East

When kindness meets hostility in the Middle East, only the power of prayer can open hearts.
Resource type: Story

Sifa Threads: Empowering At-Risk Women

How a microenterprise ministry is changing the lives and bringing dignity to single mothers in Tanzania.
Resource type: Story

ABWE Missionaries Evacuated From Ukraine

March 25, 2014
ABWE evacuates missionary team from Ukraine as tensions rise
Resource type: Announcement