For the past three years, an independent agency called Professional Investigators International (Pii) has been conducting a thorough and complete investigation into abuse by former ABWE missionary Donn Ketcham and the significant missteps by ABWE leadership in addressing the abuses over an extended period. Ketcham was a missionary physician in Bangladesh from 1966-1989. Pii is prepared to deliver the final report of their findings to the ABWE Board in the coming days.

Once the ABWE Board has received and reviewed the Final Report, we are committed to sharing all of the findings (save only the identities of the victims themselves). ABWE is also in the process of initiating several steps to ensure that this kind of abuse never happens again, including the adoption of a new “best practices” Child Protection Policy and a top-tier mission-wide training and educational program about child protection.

Further communication will be available on this website in the coming days and weeks. If you have questions in the meantime, please call 717.909.2315 or email

Updated April 22, 2016