Vaya Con Dios: “Go with God”

Mr. {person-fname} {person-lname} By Jim Cook
ABWE Next Generation Ministries

“Vaya con Dios” literally means “go with God.”

At Next Generation Ministries that is exactly what we want you to do! To help kid missionaries (KMs) and missionary kids (MKs) “go with God,” Next Generation Ministries is now offering three valuable resources for pursuing missions. Now, you and your family can join us on the “vaya con Dios” trail in several ways.

  1. Twitter.  To join, simply log on to Twitter, create your own identification, and ask to join “ABWE kids.” I will tweet when interesting stuff about children and missions comes across my desk.
  2. Facebook. To join, simply log on to Facebook, create your own identification, and ask to join “ABWE kids.” I will post information to help you learn more about children around the world.
  3. Online Bible Lessons. Made for kid missionaries, this free Bible study tool is for kids anywhere in the world. Next Generation Ministries monitors the progress of each kid, teen, or adult who completes these lessons. (These are actually the Mailbox Club lessons that you used to write out and mail in.)  These lessons are available at our website,

We welcome children, teens, and adults to follow, friend, or fan our ministry, as we seek to prepare “the class of 2025” to better serve our wonderful God.
Yes, “go with God” my friend!  That’s my desire for all of us. I know you don’t have to join us on Twitter, Facebook, or Online Bible Lessons to “go with God.” But, I do think you have to intentionally plan to stay on the “vaya con Dios” trail. I have sought God for 37 years and I have found Him to be an amazingly kind and gracious God! He is a loving God!  He is a forgiving God! He is God alone!  So let’s make it a priority to “go with God” together!

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