Donor FAQs


What are the advantages of creating an online account?
  • Personalized management of contact information
  • Access to giving history and support commitments

What methods of giving does ABWE accept?

Single Gift by Bank Account: Give online using a US checking or savings account.

Single Gift by Credit/Debit Card: We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit/debit cards.

Automated Giving From Bank Account: Occurs on or after the 7 or the 22 of the month for the designated amount.

Automated Giving by Credit/Debit Card: Occurs on or after the 15 of the month for the designated amount.

Online Bill Pay Checks: Reference your donor ID number (if known) as well as the missionary/project name that you are supporting in memo.

Personal or Business Checks or Money Order: Make payable to ABWE Foundation. Include the return portion from your last donation receipt or a copy of your email receipt. Let us know which account number, project or missionary you would like your gift directed to in the check memo.

How long will it take for my donation to be processed?

We make every effort to enter donations as quickly as possible. The following are guidelines, and vary depending on the volume of gifts we receive.

Checks: 7-10 business days

Online donations: 2-3 business days

Is my information secure?

ABWE uses Trust Commerce, a leading Internet payment gateway, to process all online transactions. All of our processes are PCI DSS compliant.

What do you do with my personal information?

ABWE is committed to protect the identity of its partners. We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

Who do I contact if I need assistance making an online donation?

If you need help making a donation, please contact us or call 800.901.2293.

How much of the money that I send actually goes to the missionary?

One-hundred percent of your donation goes into the designated missionary/project account. However, as part of their support requirements, missionaries raise a small amount each month (10 percent) to help offset the costs of the services they receive from ABWE — which includes things like health insurance and retirement programs, training and continued education, access to medical and legal counsel, fundraising assistance, receipting and donor correspondence. These missionary-raised funds cover about 55 percent of the cost of these services. The remainder of ABWE’s Home Office costs is covered by churches or individuals who support the home office, undesignated gifts and income from carefully managed investments.

Gifts toward ministry and building projects are subject to a 5-15 percent fee depending on the project’s scope and the home office’s level of involvement — which could include access to experts in ABWE’s building project office, fundraising assistance, marketing assistance from the communications and web department, and more.

What is the purpose of a support commitment?

A support commitment is a non-binding agreement between you and the missionary or project. This agreement enables the missionary to evaluate their support levels and determine how much is still needed to fulfill their support requirements.

How can I donate using Canadian funds?

If you require a revenue Canada compliant receipt, your donations must be submitted to ABWE Canada’s website.


Are contributions to ABWE tax deductible?

ABWE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts and donations made to ABWE designated for a purpose under the control of ABWE are tax deductible. This includes gifts for support of a missionary, special missionary project or the Home Office. Non-cash gifts for these purposes are also deductible when handled according to IRS regulations. Gifts made for purposes not under the control of ABWE are not tax deductible. For example, if a cash contribution is designated as a birthday gift or Christmas gift, it is not a tax deductible gift. If your gift is intended for the personal use of a missionary (such as a birthday or Christmas gift), or you requested one of our resources with your gift, the receipt shows the portion of your gift which is not tax deductible.

What can I expect to receive after sending a donation to ABWE?
  • Donation Receipt: ABWE will issue a receipt after your donation is processed. Receipts will meet all IRS requirements for substantiating your deduction for support and ministry donations.
  • Partner Newsletter: When you give, we will send you stories of how God is using gifts like yours to reach the lost and encourage believers.
  • Message Magazine: As a donor you will receive our award-winning Message magazine. Manage your subscription preferences.

How can I get end-of-year giving information?

The year-to-date total on your last receipt qualifies as a substantiation of your deductible contributions for Federal tax purposes. ABWE issues an Annual Giving Summary on or before January 31 of the following year.

How can I request a duplicate receipt?

Contact ABWE Donor Services and they will be happy to provide you with one.

How can I change my receipt preference?

Use this form to receive your receipts via email, or to stop receiving receipts.

Does ABWE file a Form 990 with the IRS and how can I get a copy?

Churches and church-related organizations like ABWE are not required to file Form 990 with the IRS. We do send audited financial statements to financial partners upon request, or you can review them here.


What is Planned Giving?

ABWE’s Planned Giving Department will help you take advantage of opportunities provided by our tax laws to increase the effectiveness of your giving or combine giving goals with personal financial planning goals. Programs include giving through wills, trusts, annuities and other plans. Planning wisely can make it possible to provide gifts to missions after your estate assets and liabilities have been settled.

How do I include a missions gift in my will?

Contact ABWE's Planned Giving Department to learn more.

How do I give securities?

A gift of securities is actually a non-cash gift. When appreciated (current value exceeds your cost) they should be transferred to ABWE and sold by us. This permits you to receive a tax deduction for the full value without being taxed on any of the gain. Your transfer can be made by sending the certificates and a signed stock power (available from your broker or ABWE) under separate cover. Or, you can have your securities transferred from your brokerage account to ABWE’s account. Securities, which have declined in value since you purchased them, should be sold and the proceeds sent, so you can take the loss as a tax deduction. For more information contact go to ABWE Planned Giving or call us 800.921.2293.