2016 Giving Catalog

Adopt A Nurse

Support a Student Nurse in Togo

Our Adopt-A-Student-Nurse program supports vitally-needed student nurses in Togo as they learn to share Christ’s love through medicine. Sponsors like you provide for students’ education expenses and supplies so they can focus on learning how to heal the people of Togo.

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Rebuild A Seminary

Help Restore the Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary

ABWE’s partner school, Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary (BFBS), equips men and women to bring the gospel to some of the Philippines’ most spiritually isolated regions. Over the past 60 years, the school has deteriorated from constant use and severe termite damage — rendering entire rooms unusable and dangerous. The school needs your help so they can rebuild and train more church planters to reach the unreached.

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*Canadian donors will not receive a tax-deduction for this project.

Give Aid to A Refugee

Share Christ's Love with Syrian Refugees

Since Syria’s civil war erupted in 2011, more than 470,000 Syrians have been killed and more than 9 million Syrian refugees have been displaced. Together, we have an opportunity to share Christ's love by providing life-sustaining aid to refugees displaced by war.

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Feed A Hungry Child

Give Physical and Spiritual Nourishment to Nicaraguan Children

Ravaged by high unemployment, extreme poverty, and hunger, Tangará, Nicaragua is one of the poorest communities in one of the poorest countries on earth. But the Rayitos feeding center is giving the children of Tangará hope. It provides body-nourishing meals and the soul-nourishing gospel to 100-200 children each week, and they need your support to keep the ministry going.

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Encourage A New Missionary

Help New Missionaries Overcome Obstacles on Their Road to the Mission Field

Family emergencies, unexpected car repairs, and even new babies can be difficult for new missionaries beginning to build their support network. But you can help new missionaries overcome obstacles on their road to the mission field.

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